The most rewarding part of our work is creating life-changing results for our clients. Check out some of our real life case studies below.

Proven Formula for High ROI

Real results in action… Meet Dr. Sebastian of AlignLife Guaynabo. After starting with LeadJuice his practice racked up 183 leads.

77 of those leads started on their new patient offer. That’s a 42% conversion rate of leads into new patients.

More than double the national average all thanks to a proven formula of growth and follow-up.

Dr. Sebastian Case Study
Dr. Cliff Case Study

770% ROI on Ad Spend

Dr. Cliff Fisher owns several AlignLife Chiropractic clinics and this was just one of the success stories from his practices.

In a single month one location brought in almost 400 leads after spending just over $4k in ad spend. That translated to an impressive $11.89 spent per lead acquisition.

His ad spend was dwarfed by the care plans signed and total revenue generated from these new leads alone.

After spending just over $4k for ads, Dr. Cliff’s practice collected $34,000 in new patient revenue. That’s an uncanny 770% ROI on ad spend.

Ready for a Success Growth EcoSystem for Your Practice?

 At LeadJuice, we’ve designed a success growth ramp to level up your practice, your team, and your success. Start with our free practice audit today.

Forming a Partnership

Dr. Susan of Adada Wellness Center knew she was on the brink of greatness with her practice. She had recently made some changes that she thought would make all the difference, but instead still found herself and her business stuck.

After working with thousands of business owners, Mike Stanzyk (LeadJuice CEO) understands that the most valuable type of relationship he can form with his clients is a partnership where he truly shows he cares and dives beyond “just getting leads”.

LeadJuice’s deep analysis of your business strategy and numbers give you the roadmap you need to grow your practice to the next level.

Susan Ada Wellness Case Study